Welcome to the homepage of the Quorum Foundation!

We would like to invite you to look around on our homepage to learn more about our current projects, education support and about us. You are welcome to contact us via e-mail, we are looking forward to your feedback.

The Quorum Foundation supports projects for education. Quorum also supports other organizations and institutions whose objectives are consistent with the philosophy of the foundation.


We believe that a good education is the key for children to escape poverty and to lead a better life. One day they will have a family of their own and will be able to afford a good education for their children. They will know that their way of life was made possible through the support and help of other people and will pass it on to their children and perhaps to other impoverished children as well. This way in countries full of poverty there will be hope that everybody can be helped. To us it is important to provide a way for a better future.

Quorum Foundation

The Quorum Foundation was established on October 18th 2010 to ensure a good education to youth around the globe. We believe that this way we can provide a sustainable support to people. We work in close cooperation, financially as well as through non-cash contributions, with selected trusted organizations that support projects in the areas of education. To us it is important to provide support for self-help. Our projects are continuously and closely supervised and controlled.

Our team currently consists almost entirely of volunteers therefore any donations are used to support the projects in full amount.