Miss WiChuta Chaichana

WiChuta Chaichana is 18 years old. She lives in Thailand. Her father died and her mother is seriously ill. She studies Business Administration at Chiang Mai University.

Letter from June 13, 2011

"My name is Wichuta Chaichana. My nickname is Numfon. Im 19 year old. My birthday on 17 august 1992. Im study accounting for business at Chiang Mai University.

I am a disabilities student because I have a problem in my lungs since I was born. Therefore, I am not healthy like normal people.I got a chance to study in Chiang Mai when I was 12 years old at the the small school. Then,I continue to stuidy in the college. At the present, I ma studying at Chaing Mail University. Ive choosen this faculty because I love accounting. I think working this field may suit for me because I can hardly move.

Im very glad that I can write to you. My family and I are sending thank you for you for your help that you support my education all the time. It is the great help for my family. I wish you to pray for my study and health too.

Finally, may god blesses and give the strength for you to work.

Love and regard

Wichuta Chaichana"

Letter from July 31, 2011

My name is Wichuta Chaichana (my nickname is Numfon). I study at faculty of business. At this time I nearly have the examination, so I have to read a book everyday and the senior student teached me for sometime. There are 2 subjects which are not easy, account and technical management , but I will try. Now my student life in the university is good. I am very happy because I have a good friend. We do activities together.

On Monday 5th - 7th I will have account exam ,psychology and the last one is technical management exam. I feeled very excited because the senior syudent told me the examination is rather difficult .

In Chiang Mai, it rains everyday. I like the rainy season because the weather is cold and fresh .

Letter from August, 22. 2011

Weeks ago. Mother's Day. University closed for 3 days. I'm not coming home. I callmy mother.universityhasa lot ofwork.Idonotreadbooksby.My birthdaythe pas, Iam does notgo anywhere.Istohelpthe club.Ido notdothisallthetime. Testout thescore, I haveseniortutor evening.


I stay inThailand, where it seemed to rain. Test score ago,no good.SoI have Senior Teachingevery eveningto management accounting and English. Saturday was back home to my mother, my mothersick.my mothercome treatment in chaing mai inWednesday.