Mr.Kritsadakorn Jaitham

Kritsadakorn Jaitham is 18 years old. He lives in Thailand. His parents died and he lives with his aunt. He studies Acgrilcultural Industry at Chiang Mai University.

Letter from July, 3. 2011

" I graduated high school from Rongkwang anusorn school Phrae . Now I study in Faculty of Agro-Industry major Food Science Chiang Mai University. My hobbies are read a book and cooking. I love dog fish cat and go to temple for merit.

My name is Kidsadakon Jaitom. I was born on Tuesday, the30th of June 1992. I am 19 years old. My birthplace at Phrae I am country boy. My favorite color is blue and pink. I like eat Thai food such as Papaya salad, Tom Yum Goong. I love of freedom I dont have brother and sister. I am only child My mother dead since I was 5 years old and my father dead since I was 10 years old. Now my aunt is Parent. I love my aunt very much. I would like to have a good job which brings a stable income, have security, a family and be able to do some good things that people can remember me by. I want to be Food scholars because I think food is important for life. In the future I will promote Thai kitchen of the world.

Months ago I did much activity in my faculty such as cheerroom. I run in the morning everyday distance of one kilo for run and walk to Doi Suthep that tradition my university next Saturday. It far from my university 14 kilometers. I am playing Volleyball every evening Wednesday to sport freshman. It very hard I run around volleyball court about 20 rounds. I study eight o'clock Monday and Thursday. I anxiety about my lesson because it much activity I dont have time to read a book. But I contract I will to do it best. Thank you very much for you helping me."

Letter from July, 22. 2011

Last week on Friday 15th was important days of Buddhism. It was Asarahabhucha. I went to my hometown in Phrae. This time I had to go back by myself. But every time I always go backs with my sister. I felt fear and nervous, but when I arrived at Bus station. I met my senior and he helped me find the bus and go back safely. On 16th I went to temple and make pray that made me feel better. I arrived at Chiang Mai on 18th. The next morning I moved to the news room because my room have five people and it was uncomfortable. I had only 10 day before midterm examination begin. Every day at 5:30-8:00 pm I will read with my senior and my friends. I promise with myself I will try my best.

Leter from July, 31. 2011

Last mount .it have important activity of my university such as in 9thRubnongkhundoi traditional. it is important for student class 1. I moved room from 219 to 343 because 219 have crowded very much it have 5 people in room. I went back to my hometown at Phare it first I went back lonely by bus but it make I can go back in the nexts. I begin know in study such as lab chemistry from in past I dont make but now I can it. Last mount I preoccupied with read a book for midterm examination next mount I had to attend a tutoring with my faculty and read a book with my friend. I hope I will be able to test it.

Letter from July, 31. 2011

Last week. I have reading a book for midterm exam next week. Every day after I finished study I will go back at my dormitory for reading a book.This is my examination:

Monday English 1 8.00 11.00 am

Tuesday Calculus 1 8.00 11.00 am

Wednesday Biology 1 8.00 11.00 am

Thursday Chemistry1 8.00 11.00 am

Sunday Physical 8.00 11.00 am

So I will read a book that subject come first. The exam is the first of student class 1I am so nervous very much. The contents for exam is so many but I will reading as much as I can.

Letter from August, 12. 2011

Last week. It begins for study again. After midterm examination. It has change topic in study someone and important its mothers day. Everybody go back home but I dont back because it dont have seat in the bus. it was exhausted. The sale of ticket tells me you should before book one week because it was a long weekend. So I went to at the temple for merit is dedicated to my mother. She dead when I was 5 year old. It has long time.

Letter from Augsut, 21. 2011

The previous weeks were the week of science in CMU. CMU had event activities for students who have studied in major science. This weeks I dont have any class because they use sciences class room. A lot of student from high school has come. So its make CMU road in traffic jams for a week. On Saturday my faculty has open the code line is the last 3 of my students code so it senior who has same code as my he/she will be my code line senior. My senior is very happy and they bring a lot of snacks for me and they take me having a dinner with them too! Its make me very happy.


On Saturdays and Sundays ago, I participated in the activities of my faculty. Its four sporting institutions. It has education teaching food science and technology. Education is participate is Payab university, Maejo university ,Radchaphat chiangmai university and my university which activities for relationship between universities. Sport is so fun.I am reading book for final examination next month.


Last week ago.I was meet PPoo. She is administrator the student scholarship Quorum. She tell us preparation meet own scholarship in December. For practice conversation English is well. Because may taking own scholarship tour around my university by us is guide. When Friday ago I went to my faculty for receive classroom timetable of semester 2. So semester 2 I must study at my faculty 1 subject. It is food micro. I excited very much because my faculty is so far from in fence my university. It divided from university. I have 2 week for final exam. I hard read a book.