Miss Maewadee Nortoa

Maewadee Nortoa is 18 years old. She lives in Thailand. Her father died. She studies Education (Major English) at Chiang Mai University.

E-Mail from July, 3. 2011

"Im studying in major English in Faculty of Education Chiang Mai University. In my free time I like to read a novel or listen to a song. I come from poor family. My father died when I was 7 years old, so I have only my mother whose make money to support me to study."

E-Mail from July 12. 2011

Im Mewadee Northao .My nick name is May . Im just fine now . As you know on July 9 I must walk to Doi Suthep with my faculty .I already do it. Its very tired but very funny too. This Wednesday I will be back home for my holiday .Its Buddhist Lent day. Im very glad when I think about it because Im homesick now . Now Im very busy with my study because I will have a final exam in August and I have many work to do . So I have to do my work before Im back home . At last Im wish you fine and healthy .Bye

E-Mail from August, 16. 2011
As you know I'm back home for Mother's Day.
I'm very glad because I meet my mom again.
Now I know the point of midterm exam for only one subject .I quite satisfied with it .
I'm quite not fine now because I often have a little fever in the morning and feel better in the afternoon .
But not worry I will take care myself .

Themidterm exam was passed not long ,and Ill have the final exam as soon again.
Itll be start on the early of October ,so I have to read more than the past to get a good
grade .There are rainy season in Thailand so I not quite fine cause I usually have a cold.
But not be worry Ill take care myself .

Wish you have a good time and healthy .