Miss.Wareerat Yindee

Wareerat Yindee is 18 years old. She lives in Thailand. Her parents are poor farmers and cannot pay for her study and accomodation. She studies Education at Chiang Mai University.

E-Mail from July, 3. 2011

"I graduated high school from Strisrinan School, in present I study in faculty of Education program in Thai language, Chiang Mai University. I intent to study in this program because I like it and think I can do it well. In free time I like to read book, write short story and check news , chat with my friends on Facebook.

Nowadays I join much activity in my university such as welcome freshy activity. It very hard. I not fine. I have a little of relax and a little of take a rest. Next Saturday there is one tradition that my university organize for long time. It is run and walk to Doi Suthep. It far from my university 14 kilometers and every one must reach to destination together. I dont know can I do, but I will try. There is no problem in my classroom I will try to do it best. Thank you very mush for you helps me. It makes me happy and zippy. I Contract I will to do it best."

Letter from August, 23. 2011

At Mothers day I din t stay at home with mom, but I came back home with my province project .

So I can stay with mom only one day. Im sorry for dont write a letter to you frequency because I so busy with many activities in my university. Everydays I prepair to Freshy night projects. It is my facultys project. Ill dance with my friends at that night. I m so tied, but it very fun. I think my friends and I can do best at that night.

I spend a lot of money to activities cost and I try to save money for many things that appropriate.

Every things at here is fine. Im fine and I hope youre fine too.


Nowadays I am very tied because I have a lot of activities and homework. I have a report on the analysis of politics, about ten pages.

And I have to do activities about show my spirit wish my friends. My health is no problem.