Mr.Sirirot Thummee

Sirirot Thummee is 18 years old. He lives in Thailand. Both of his parents died. He lieves with his sister. At Chiang Mai University he studies Science.

Letter from July, 3. 2011

"I studied at the Ching Mai University of Science Degree in Physics. Physics is a subject that requires the calculation and understanding of the principles. And is in line with other subjects such as chemistry and mathematics. Some of the content which I think difficult and I still do not understand. Iwant tolearn morein order to understandbetter. Some subjects such as English as a subject that I have not and want to learn more as well.

Chiang Mai University, organized sporting events. And I compete in a Taklaw [Thai sport] the result was that runner.

I come from a poor family in Chiang Mai. My father and mother died, since I was young. Ilive withgrandmotherandsistersince then. Mygrandmotherisvery old. All costs are at my sister. And my sister still has one son. During the summer I will work hard to the money be used in the study and helped my sister to reduce the expenses.

My name is Siriroj Thammee . Im 19 years old.Im live in Ching Mai,Thailand. I amstudying atChiang Mai University. I come from a poor family so I intend to learn a lot. In the future,after IgraduatedI wantedto be auniversity professor. I started study a month ago. I'm Adaptation to the big time of life. I have a problem about the time, do homework , activities. I'm serious about this. But I intend to make the best to myself and a patron."

Letter from July, 31. 2011

In early July,Chiang Mai University,organized anactivity Rab nong koun DoiThis activities with the new students up to the Phra That Doi Suthep.My facultys meeting came at Four Oclock for warm up before.And we departure at Nine oclock.That morning was very hot makes us tired.While walking up to the Phat That Doi Suthep was raining heavily but we will still went on. This actites make meto have patience and I have new friends.In middle Mouth,All subjects taught to timely fully. As a result,some subjects is not good for me.During the latter. I and everybody intend to read books.Early August will have a middle exam. I intendreadingit.Seriously ,Final this,I maybe to a good point.
On10 August, University of competition within the sport. Ihaveto competeinthis list in Thai Takraw. Unfortunately my team lost the second round. And OnAugust 18 to 20. A Week of Science. The Faculty of science has hosted the event. I served as tour guides in the event. It was fun and very challenging. Even a problem occurs, it will be a new experience for me .
Now! I know the score for exam. It is a good score,But it is not very good. So after this I will be studying. And intend to read the book more.
This time I have had health problems. I am allergic diseases. During this period, it is very hard. Even though I exercise and eat vegetables, but it has not improved. I need to see a doctor.To treat the symptoms improved.