Miss Wichuta Chaichana "Numfon"

WiChuta Chaichana ist 18 Jahre alt. Sie lebt in Thailand. Ihr Vater starb und sie lebt alleine mit ihrer schwer kranken Mutter. An der Chiang Mai Universität studiert sie Betriebswirtschaftslehre.


My name is Wichuta Chaichana. My nickname is Numfon. I’m 19 year old. My birthday on 17 august 1992. I’m study accounting for business at Chiang Mai University. I am a disabilities student because I have a problem in my lungs since I was born. Therefore, I am not healthy like normal people.I got a chance to study in Chiang Mai when I was 12 years old at the the small school. Then,I continue to stuidy in the college. At the present, I ma studying at Chaing Mail University. I’ve choosen this faculty because I love accounting. I think working this field may suit for me because I can hardly move.  I’m very glad that I can write to you. My family and I are sending thank you for you for your help that you support my education all the time. It is the great help for my family. I wish you to pray for my study and health too. Finally, may god blesses and give the strength for you to work. Love and regard, Wichuta Chaichana

My name is Wichuta  Chaichana (my nickname is Numfon). I study at faculty of business. At this time I nearly have the examination, so I have to read a book everyday and the senior student teached me for sometime. There are 2 subjects which are not easy, account and  technical management , but I will try. Now my student life in the university  is  good. I am very happy because I have a good friend. We do activities together. On Monday 5th - 7th I will have account exam ,psychology and the last one is technical management exam. I feeled very excited because the senior syudent told me the examination is rather difficult . In Chiang Mai, it rains everyday. I like the rainy season because the weather is cold and fresh .

Weeks ago. Mother's Day. University closed for 3 days. I'm not coming home. I call my mother. university has a lot of work. I do not read books by. My birthday the pas, I’am does not go anywhere. Is to help the club. I do not do this all the time. Test out the score, I have senior tutor evening.

I stay in Thailand, where it seemed to rain. Test score ago,no good.So I have Senior Teaching every eveningto management accounting and English. Saturday was back home to my mother, my mother sick. my mother come treatment in chaing mai in Wednesday.

This week. I'm tired.I Have Senior Teach Book  every day.  Students in universities,stress and because students must read a book exam. I had a test two days: Day 4 The Psychology. Day 6 of the Department of Accounting and Management Science. This range did not go Back home.. If I finish my exams to go to Bangkok. To the club with friends and teachers.

Wichuta Chaichana studied business administration at the Chiang Mai University. University closed for 2 weeks after I returned home on October 7, I helped Mother household chores such as sweeping the house clean bowl. I just returned home on October 27. This country is in trouble. Flood, Chiang Mai, some days are cold, rainy day. Love and think

I studied 4 subjects. Monday, Thursday USAGE OF THAI LANGUAGE Monday, Thursday INTRO TO PHYS ED Tuesday, Friday INTRO SIGN LANGUAGE Wednesday It AND MODERN LIFE. The air of Chiang Mai it was cold. Very cold in the morning but the afternoon was very hot, the evening was cold. Love and think, Wichuta Chaichan

New Years I went to Chiang Rai go to The flowers bloom 2555. Beautiful flowers and a lot of people But the hot weather.Months of December, I have exam  the two subjects.On 23 exams INTRO SIGN LANGUAGE 17.00-18.30 On 26 exams IT AND MODERN LIFE 12.00-14.00 two subjects not very worrisome Go well.

Love and think Wichuta Chaichan

On Friday, I went home for three days. Friday to Sunday. I did not go to sports day. Sports day was held on Saturday. Wednesday, I went to the hospital, doctors appointments every five months. doctor gives medicine come back.  This period. Chiang Mai Very cold weather. Very cold weather, It is very hot at noon. A cold morning and evening only.

I went home on 16 March and come back to University  on 31 March.  Summer, I study two subjects FUNDAMENTALS OF BUDDHISM and INTRODUCTION TO LAW .Grade past 2.33.