Miss Mewadee Northao "May"

Mewadee  Northao, geboren am 16. April 1992 in Thailand. Ihre Mutter ist verwitwet und hat kein Geld um die Ausbildung zu zahlen. Sie studiert Bildungswesen an der Chiang Mai Universität.


My name is Mewadee Northao. My nick name is May. My birthday is April 16, 1992. Now I’m 19 years old. I’m studying in major “English” in “Faculty of Education” Chiang Mai University. I’m a freshman of my campus now, so I’m have to attend many activity of my campus and my faculty. And soon on July 9, 2011 my campus will have activity. The freshman will walk to Doi Suthep together. The freshman of each year will do like this every year. Whan I’m study in campus I very busy because I have to do many thing study , attend activity of my campus , do my homework etc.But in my free time I like to read a novel or listen to a song. I come from poor family. My father died when I’m 7 years old, so I have only my mother whose make money to support me to study. I have a dream, in the future I will be a teacher and I will be a good teacher. I dream to have my book store and take care of my mother. In my free time I like to read a novel or listen to a song. I come from poor family. My father died when I was 7 years old, so I have only my mother whose make money to support me to study.

I’m Mewadee Northao.My nick name is May. I’m just fine now. As you know on July 9 I must walk to Doi Suthep with my faculty.I already do it. It’s very tired but very funny too. This Wednesday I will be back home for my holiday.It’s “Buddhist Lent” day. I’m very glad when I think about it because I’m homesick now. Now I’m very busy with my study because I will have a final exam in August and I have many work to do. So I have to do my work before I’m back home. At last I’m wish you fine and healthy.Bye

I'm just fine but so busy with my works.And now I'm too busy to read a read a book to get ready for my midterm exam.After finish an activity go to Doi Suthep I don't have much activity to do like the past so I can spend more time to work and read. My midterm exam will start on August 2. I will concentrate to do the exam.

I'm study in faculty of Education.As you know I will have midterm exam this monday so I'm very busy. I study 7 subject , 4 subject have midterm exam and the other have only final exam. And it will finish on 3 August. I have to read ,but sometime I'm not understand. I thing I'm not good in grammar so I'm study online about English now. I'm so nervous about the exam because it's the first time of exam in the campus, but I will do the best I can.

As you know I'm back home for Mother's Day. I'm very glad because I meet my mom again. Now I know the point of midterm exam for only one subject.I quite satisfied with it. I'm quite not fine now because I often have a little fever in the morning and feel better in the afternoon. But not worry I will take care myself.

The midterm exam was passed not long ,and I’ll have the final exam as soon again. It’ll be start on the early of October ,so I have to read more than the past to get a good grade.There are rainy season in Thailand so I not quite fine cause I usually have a cold. But not be worry I’ll take care myself. Wish you have a good time and healthy.

Now I have to clear my homework and it's the last work before my final exam. I don't have any activity now cause my campus have a policy to avoid to do activity in the period of exam. So I spend most time to clear my work and read. At last I wish you to take care of your self to fine and healthy.

As you know I have the final exam ,it start yesterday.Yesterday I have 2 subject exam it's English 1 & English 2. I'm very serious about it because I have a  collection points so less, and I'm worry about I can't earn a good grade. Now I'm have 3 subject exam remaining. But don't worry about it , I will do the best as I can. Wish you fine and take care you health.

In this second semester I study for 7 subject. Last semester I get GPA 3.50, and I’m quite satisfied with it . Before long my campus will have sports day, so every day after I finish class I have to go to cheer room every day until November 26 , 20011. In this semester the subject which I like the best is Man And The Modern World. I think it’s interesting, and I can earn new knowledge. At last I wish you to take care you health and wish you have a good time. Yours sincerely, May


On November 26, 2011 in my campus has Sports Day ,so every evening I have to go to cheer room to practice code cheer ,it take time about month , and in the real day it started very early in morning and finished on mid night, but now it’s passed ,and I’m very proud with it because my faculty get the second . Not soon I’ll have midterm exam, and I’ve to read. In this period my campus has a “CMU books fair” I’m very joy with it, and I get many books. I think it’s not important what’s kind of books we read, just read and think then we’ll get new knowledge. At last I wish you to have a good health and happy every day.

I’m Mewadee Northao. On January 18-19, 2012 there are Graduation ceremony, and on 16 January I go to help them in prepair, too. No long I’ll have exam again and it’s the last exam in this semester ,but I think I’ll study in summer semester, too. Now I don’t have any activity and haven’t to go to cheer room like the past, so I have more time to study and read. However this semester the lesson so difficult, and my score is less, but I’ll try . Wish you happy and healthy.

I spend my long holiday at home to celebrated New Year with my mom. After New Year I come back to Chiang Mai and start to learn again. Now I know score of midterm exam 2 subjects, they are English 1 and English 2, and I’m quite not proud with it. How about your holiday .Wish you have a good time.


This period I’m busy with my final exam, and spend most time to read and clear my work. My final exam started on 27 February and finished on 6 March. I decide to study in summer semester. In Chiang Mai and many province in north of Thailand are facing with smog, it’s make a bad view and pain eyes. Now I’m looking forward to back home again .What about you? Wish you happy and have a healthy