Mr.Sirirot Thummee

Sirirot Thummee geboren am 23. November 1992 in Thailand. Er ist Waise und lebt bei seiner Schwester. Er studiert Wissenschaften an der Ciang Mai Universität.


I studied at the Ching Mai University of Science Degree in Physics. Physics is a subject that requires the calculation and understanding of the principles. And is in line with other subjects such as chemistry and mathematics. Some of the content which I think difficult and I still do not understand. I want to learn more in order to understand better. Some subjects such as English as a subject that I have not and want to learn more as well. Chiang Mai University, organized sporting events. And I compete in a Taklaw [Thai sport] the result was that runner. I come from a poor family in Chiang Mai. My father and mother died, since I was young. I live with grandmother and sister since then. My grandmother is very old. All costs are at my sister. And my sister still has one son. During the summer I will work hard to the money be used in the study and helped my  sister to reduce the expenses. My name is Siriroj Thammee . I’m 19 years old.I’m live in Ching Mai,Thailand. I am studying at Chiang Mai University. I come from a poor family so I intend to learn a lot. In the future, after I graduated I wanted to be a university professor. I started study a month ago. I'm Adaptation to the big time of life. I have a problem about the time, do homework , activities. I'm serious about this. But I intend to make the best to myself and a patron.

In early July,Chiang Mai University, organized an activity “Rab nong koun Doi”This activities with the new students up to the “Phra That Doi Suthep”. My faculty’s meeting came at Four O’clock for warm up before. And we departure at Nine o’clock. That morning was very hot makes us tired.While walking up to the Phat That Doi Suthep was raining heavily but we will still went on. This actites make meto have patience and I have new friends. In middle Mouth,All subjects taught to timely fully. As a result,some subjects is not good for me. During the latter. I and everybody intend to read  books. Early August will have a middle exam. I intend reading it. Seriously ,Final this,I maybe to a good point.

On10 August, University of competition within the sport. I have to compete in this list in Thai Takraw. Unfortunately my team lost the second round. And On August 18 to 20. A Week of Science. The Faculty of science has hosted the event. I served as tour guides in the event. It was fun and very challenging. Even  a problem occurs, it will be a new experience for me. Now! I know the score for exam. It is a good score,But it is not  very good. So after this I will be studying. And intend to read the book more. This time I have had  health problems. I am allergic diseases. During this period, it is very hard. Even though I exercise and eat vegetables, but it has not improved. I need to see a doctor.To treat the symptoms improved.

This is the rainy season in Thailand. It rains almost everday. Made me have a cold sometimes. While I’m read book. It is an obstacle for reading my book. Now! This is the final exam of the university. My grades may not be good because I still don’t know how to good learn. But anyway. I will make them better. Chiang Mai are now in a flood even occurs. And my district has a large flood. But fortunately my home and university. Not flooded. It affects the economy. The Delicatessen. At my home more expensive.

Passed for first semester classes. I got a grade of 2.79 it is not very good grades. This term are intend to make better. While I was home. I done the test pre quota cmu. for childrens at maetang school. For children’s was familiar with the test. And how to make a good test. My sister sold waffles. My sister's accident was not going to sell it. I need to replace. at 1-6 o'clock in the morning. I was very tired. But I'm glad to help work at home. The time is now. Thailand suffered greatly from the flood. And the flood waters began to putrid. I went to EM Ball mold to be used to solve the problem of water waste. This is a tired But I'm glad to help people who are suffering lot.

November The beginning of the second semester. In this semester. There are new courses being added and more difficult than ever. The next step is a challenge that I fight against it. And I will try to the fullest. This month  had  an important tradition of Thailand. The traditition “Loy Kratrong” Krathong is made of banana trees and flowers for float in order to worship the ganges river. Have Emissions unfounded and play fireworks  at night. It is very beautiful. My parish had a singing contest in the Loy Krathong day. And I was chosen as a representative of the village to join the contest. I won 3 of 12 villages. This term will be even more difficult to learn. I intend to get the grades up 3.00.

November is the month. Important for me. On date, 23 is the day I reached 19 years of age. I have been a good thing from many people. Even people who never knew were before. I am very glad for my birthday this year. Many subject i not understand yet.So I will very more  intent in study. But there are some subjects I thought I would need Special classes. At the end of this month. the university has book fair.  Have a lot  of the Books cheap. I like a lot of books. And reading to Interesting book.


Now, almost everywhere in university is filled to colorful of flowers for to be congratulation to new graduate. In middle January had graduation ceremony of the university as a result, the riots occurred. During that time,Journey is also difficult. You must have a novel,you’ll be impressed. Me too. I very impressed to the novel Sher lock Holmes.That is.the exciting,Used imagination,the  inference of character. Sometimes, I think to be to the Detective. I’m nearing the end of year 1, then. And the final exam is coming up too. Now most of my free time I spend to reading.There are some subject such as Physics. I think very difficult. I and my friends together to help each other learn. Althoung it difficult, I will try to the fullest.


Now, almost everywhere in Chaingmai very has pollution. Sometimes I go to the out door I have to use a cloth mask. This is very dangerous in here. I need to care for and protect my health very seriously. And the end of the month has to final exam. I very worry about it. Because point of mid-term is not good.  But even so I very speed and very intend to study and read books. My grade in this term will to not very good. But next term I will to very intender than this term.