Umaphon Wongvorachart "Eye"

Umaphon Wongvorachart, Spitzname Eye, geboren am 20. Februar 1992 in Thailand. Ihre Eltern sind Farmer. Sie studiert Humanität und Deutsch an der Chiang Mai  Universität.

School history: I learnt Mattayom 1-6 in Sriyapai school Chumphon. I didn't learn German language but I learnt Scince and Match. University: I am studying German Language and I want to work with this language. Subject: I like to everysubject they are a littel bit about art or language. But I think, now I like to learn German language so much. Hobbies: swimming,reading,Manora Dancing. In my future, I want to do so much thing in my live. Now I will go to graduate school in 4 years, than I want to fly to Germany for study about traveling. I want to work anything about German language, when I can work about hotel or about traveling it will very good for me. If I have so much mony, I want to have a haus for my family, I mean my father, my mother, my sister and my brother and I want to take care them by myself.

Hello, I'm Eye. I'm 19 years old and I have studied german language in faculty of humanities at Chiang Mai University. Above all, thank you for the scholarship. I was very happy, when I knew that I get the scholarship form you company. I think, it can help me for studying and for my parent. I will spend money for my future and my family, I promise. I will be diligently to studying and make good grads. I don't forget, where I got the scholarship and I will not wasting money. Thank you very much. 
Eye, Umaphon Wongvorachart

Hello! I am Eye. Last week I have a chance return to my home. I was over there for 2 weeks. I and my family did so many things, for example: We had dinner together; we burned pieces of wood for charcoal. We use it for cooking. My family had to do it about 4 0r 5 times pro year.I was very happy in every times that I was with my family. I forget to say, where my home is. My home is in Chumphon. It is in the south of Thailand. By the way: Thank you again for scholarship. My family was very happy immediately to know about I got the scholarship for your compeny.

First picture: My brother burned pieces of wood for charcoal.
Second picture: I burned pieces of wood for charcoal.


In November, I did so many things about university. For example: I tried to  do EM ball with another students, our university had a sport day and sport night. For a day of sport day I was get at 4:00 o’clock up, I think that, it is very morning but it was very fun and also stressful. Desides, on the 12th of November 2011, my friends and I had to help teachers for working because on the day we have a big project, it’s “ Big Cleaning Day”. It was very fun. They cleaned our dormitory for this New Year. Heute ist Deutscher Tag. In meiner Abteilung haben wir auch etwas über Deutscher Tag gemacht und war ganz viele Leute dort. Ich war sehr spannend, weil sehr viele Leute da war. P.S. Daft ich mach mal aus Deutsch schreiben?


In 5th December is the birthday of our king. My friends and I had to do something for him at University (in pictures). We celebrated in our university and also around our land because this ceremony is very important for us. I was very happy and delighted to be in ceremony, this was my first time. Than on 24th, I took my first exam in English. I want to cry, because it was so hard and very many of new vocabularies. I think, that I just learn more than vocabularies. I got Midterm exam from 24th to 28th, it was very hard every second for me. The last day of this month and this year, I want to Tha Paer (it is the door of Chiang Mai Province) for celebrating to New Year 2012. I had very fun so much.



In the month of new year, I did so many things such as in my department, we have a party to goodbye senior, in university had an important custom for students, that they have graduation in this year, and I gone to Doi Su Thep because my friends (in my department) and I have a big project, which is donation for blind children. It was very fun for me because at the day we can take much money than last time. I want to say you about my education. I learn very hard now because I will take a final test in the end of this month. I hope you are fine.

My friends and I given a helping for a university to render service. Eine Abschiedparty fuer senior. as graduation.


In diesem Monat habe ich nicht zu viele Aktivitäten, außer ich muss für meine Prüfung ganz strak lernen. Ich habe am Ende des Monats eine große Prüfung. Ich muss die schaffen um ich weiter in zweites Jahr gehen zu kann. Jetzt habe ich nur noch eine schriftliche Prüfung in Deutsch, mein Hauptfach. Am 7. März habe ich eine mündliche Prüfung in Deutsch, es war total Spaß und lustig. Wir waren zu zweit in dieser mündlichen Prüfung. Ich und meine Partnerin waren ganz geschafft, weil wir nur 15 Minuten für die Vorbereitung hatten. Aber die war ganz gut gegangen. Das wichtige Thema in diesem ist, ich habe am 20. Februar Geburtstag. Ich würde am 9. März gern mit meinen Freunden (in meiner Abteilung) ein bisschen feiern, dann habe ich schon Ferien. Ich freue mich schon auf die Ferien. Viele Grüße Eye, Umaphon Wongvorachert


Hallo, ich bin Eye. In ganzen Monat war ich nur zu Hause mit meiner Familie in Chumphon. Ich habe mit meiner Tanzgruppe getanzt. Ich zeige euch bald die Fotos des Tanzes. Bei mir war nicht zu los im letztem Monat, aber trotzdem schön.