Ms. Piyada Ngurnwongnai "Por"

Piyada Ngurnwongnai, Spitzname Por, 18 Jahre alt, geboren  in Thailand. Ihr Vater ist tot und ihre Mutter ist neu verheiratet. Sie lebt seitdem bei ihrer Großmutter. An der Chiang Mai Universität studiert sie Krankenpflege.


My name is Piyada Ngurnwongnai. My nick name Por. I study in the firth year at faculty of Nursing Chiang Mai University. I appreciate Quorum Foundation giving me the scholarship. This scholarship will help me and my family so much with my studies. I promise I will study so I can use my knowledge to earn a living, to help people, and to develop my community.

I come from Nan Province. I study in the firth year at Faculty of Nursing Chiang Mai University. Now It be on vacation, I don’t come back home because I have to prepared of CMU sport days in 26 November 2011. I make cheer accessories at Faculty of Nursing during 13-21 October 2011. I will come back home on 21 October 2011 by Green Bus. I will help my family to do housework and I will come back to CMU on 29 October2011 because it’s Opening the second semester.

Today is study first day in semester 2, I’m very excited. I have to study subject first at 8 o’clock  I got up at 6 o’clock now it is begin reach the winter so the weather is cold, the air is cheerful. I receive money before be on vacation, On October I didn’t use money because It is on vacation. I will use money about the education .I will pay economize.

December I have to Midterm Exam. It make me so serious. I don’t understand about Software for Life because it is very difficult. After I finish Midterm Exam I went to Nan Province to celebrate New A.D. Wishing You a happy and prosperous New Year 2012.


In January 2012, Chiang Mai University was awarded a degree for who had graduated. I had to congratulations to junior and take a photo.Everybody happy very much. I am glad and happy very much when I saw people happy .Now I am busy because I have to read textbook to final exam.




On February have to the final exam .Some subject is very difficult. For example Statistic, Chemistry it make me so serious but I have to reading very hard. I don’t have time to make activities because I’m worry about the final exam so I have to read book very hard. Now I have to finish the final exam. I would like to go back home to help my mother make homework.


I lived at my home during 13-30 March 2012. I help my grandmother to make homework. I sold snow ice at my home and help my uncle to see children. I came back to Chiang Mai University on 30 March 2012 by bus. Price of bus from Nan to Chiang Mai about 300 baht. It used time about 6 hour. I came to Chiang Mai because I had to study in summer. I wish you to be happy and good healthy.