Mr. Kiattichai Saechia "Tee"

Kiattichai  Saechia, Spitzname Tee, 19 Jahre alt, geboren in Thailand. Sein Vater ist tot und seine Mutter ist verschollen. Er lebt bei seinem Onkel und seinen fünf Kindern. An der Chiang Mai Universität studiert er Krankenpflege.




I studied Science and Mathemetics program at Rajaprajanukao 30 school. I’m now studying nursing at Chiang Mai university. I mostly spend time reading books and I’m also interested in health science books and stuffs. About my family, I have one sister. My father  has passed away  since  I was at Matayom 3 (secondary school). And my mother  has been out of contact since  I was a little. Nowadays, I live with my aunt. She looks after me , supporting me as my parent. But  her being is not so good either. She is quite poor and always has money and expenses problems. Because she still has five daughter to take care, and furthermore her husband also died. So, I really need a scholarship to help  my family and  earn myself  to continue my study until I gruaduate bachalor of nursing. In the future, I wish to be a good and qualified nurse and I promise to do my best and work hard to serve people, human being  and devote to the profession

My name is Kiattichai  Saechia. My nick name  Tee I’m a freshman nursing at Chiang Mai University. I’m very glad and thankful that I got such a great opportunity to receive the scholarship. Since this scholarship will definitely help me and my family with the cost of tuition and college expenses. And I promise to use the money wisely. You have my word that I will do my best in my studies and achieve my goal to become a good nurse. I will do my best as I can. And I will be helpful in my university and faculty to be a good student and do my best on my duty and my task. I can’t express my gratitude enough. Without the generous support of this scholarship program, would be impossible to me to continue my college because of financial hardships. My family and I thank you sincerely for your help. You are helping me reach my dreams and goals.

I’m Kiattichai Saechia. It’s pleasure to write to you. How about you? I’m fine. This time it’s the first semester vocation for 2554 acadamic in Thailand. Last week.  I went back home at Doi Angkhang in Chiangmai to visit and help my aunt sell vegetable and fruit. At my home, It starts cool and cold. There is some fog in the morning. It’s time for tourist to visit here. I wise you come to Aangkhang someday. To touch the cloud, breath fresh air, taste some fruit, drink some tae and taste my aunt food. But I was at home to 3 days. Because I had to come back to university to do some preparation of the International convention, which will be held up on 24 Oct. 2554. It’s very hard for me. But I’ll try my very best. For next semester, I would try my best, too. For now, I have to help my friend to do the preparation. Next letter I will send you some Angkhang’s picture. Thank you very much. 
PS. Sorry for this letter that would make you suffering to try to understand what I ride, but I promise that I will improve my English skill better and better. Thank you very much

How are you? I’m fine. It’ time for my second semester in Chiangmai University after the period of my vacation for the first semester. I’m very excited because it’s quite long time that I’ve not seen my friends and about the new subject and new class. Whatever will be will be! For my results of my study in the first semester it is 3.29, I think I have to try much more than last semester. In the first semester, there’re too much things I had to do especially the faculty’s activities and it’s my first time here for university’s life so I had to improve and adapt myself. As in my last letter, I told you that I would show you some of my home’s pictures, so I attach them and hope that you love it. I hope that my home will welcome you someday. For my expense, I make my revenue account expenditure for this semester attached with this mail, too. Than you very much for the opportunity that you gave me.

Weather in Thailand in the winter it would start. It was cold in the morning. After a tiring sport day event on Saturday that passes through it. I enjoyed a lot. The event has been held up for several things, such as race. Cheer Leading Competition and cheering spirits competition in this event. I was a runner up of the same race. Unfortunately, i was not awarded ... But I do not regret it. I think. I have been in other things than trophies, that is friendship. Companionship Of athletes together. Spirit of the committee, I would say that this is the most important thing. After this period. The main event of the year, one would have been depleted. It is time to do something more. Whether it's reading. Time to review the book. To prepare. For the midterm exam. Coming up next month. I do not know how. Really excited. However, I have to do it the best you.

First of all, I must say "Happy new Year" to you. For  this year, 2012, I wish you  very happy, have physical health. Start the new year with a good pass into life.  For my new Year, I had a chance to visit my home at DOI ANG KHANG which i  had old you before. There were many things to do such as to help my uncle sell the souvenirs and goods there which was very busy because this year, there were many visitors come to Doi Ang Khang. That made me enjoy selling to tourists that visit it throughout the day. Unfortunately this weather was not the cold like the year past. 2011 had passed, 2012 new year has entried. I intend to learn more and more. To be a good student. Love to read books than ever before. To get the results better than my last year.

Old month passed, the new month started to come. One month isn’t long time at all, is it? How fast the time is. There  is only one month for this semester.My Freshy is gradually decreased.Throughout the past, there are many things happened, All experience strengthen me to become more mature,Guide me to prepare to be sophomore next year.More responsibility and studying harder are challenging me. In January,There is very important event in CMU. That is theGraduation Ceremony of the senior students. It’s for sure that I couldn’t miss this event and to congratulated my seniors.I see and feel the result of effort for the past 4 years.Accomplishment and pride are my inspiration. I intend to learn more. In order to succeed like them.My last month for studying this semester is near as my final examination is coming soon. I ‘ am so excited because i have tried  my very best for this exam and my results of my midterm exam was not good as I thought. So I have tried and try for this time. Thank you for reading my letter.

This moment is a period for the final examination. Reading books and much homework make me to trouble and a bad headache. I have to prepare myself for the final examination on the next Monday. After that, I will have summer course and do some part time job to earn myself. And now, It‘s time for reading book. Study hard is very important for this final examination. Hope me have a better grade and I wish you be well too.


This moment is summer. After finished the final examination and the exam results came out with. I have better grades than the previous term. My grade is 4.42. It is not too bad. After finished final exam, I have participated in the camp of development volunteering. It is very fun. Because this is my first time to join the camp. I am very excited. And now, I am live at home to help my aunt to do work. The climate is very hot. Take care of yourself too.