Mr. Kwanfa Sarntong

Kwanfa Sarntong, 19 Jahre alt, geboren in Thailand studiert Medizin an der Chiang Mai Universität. Seine Eltern arbeiten als Fabrikarbeiter tief in der ländlichen Region.



My name is Kwanfa Sarntong. I'm 19 years old. My family has 4 people I, my father, mother and my older sister. My family had ever been in Namuen,Nan. But after year 2005. My parent had changed work and gone to Chonburee since I was 13 years old. Now they work hard and work 6 days per week. I and my sister go to Chonburee once a year to visit my parent. In the future. I'll be a good doctor. I'll work hard for many people. I was born in suburb because I understand people in suburb better. Now I study hard for my dream. I believe I can make it sure.

My name is Kwanfa Sarntong.I study in the first year at faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University. I appreciate Quorum Foundation that gives me the scholarship. This scholarship will help me and my family for my education. I promise I will study hard and I will use my knowledge to help people and assist poor people as you do.

I come back to my home when I arrive I’m interested with my sister’s son, He is 2 years old. He can speak and he knows everything well after I had gone to the university for 3 months. I kiss and Whai (say ‘sa wad dee kub’) to me when I arrive. Evening, I and my sister cook together. We are happy.

I go to the “Thong kwao Camp” It’s camp for training students to entrance Chiang Mai University. I and my friends teach our students (they are studying in mutthayomsuksa 5 or grade 11 and they are in Nan province). We are very happy when we see our students smile with subject that we teach. I think we give some knowledge to our student and give the ways for entrancing Chiang Mai University.


I go to the 50 For SCIE camp that’s camp for medical students to create a lot of activities for people who live in suburb or Needy children. Medical students must do everything in 50 hours. I and my friends go to Doi Sa Ket district. To teach students and lead them to do activities for their environment .Today we grow trees and make weir. We are so happy when we finish. We take photos together before we go back to University.

I and my seniors go to compete basketball   in Yup Pa Raj Open 2011. Today I can take a photo with J.O. who is Guard in Thai national team. I’m so happy when I play together with him. He is kindliness and friendly. He teaches me to many basketball skills. When he leaves our team he tells us to intend to practice and also love basketball.



I go to the 50 For SCI camp to teach student in suburb and give them something e.g. soap toothbrush. In the month I and my friends close the camp and go around their village. In this day we go to the water fall and spend our time for relaxing. In the evening we go to our university with the good memories.

I don't do anything, because I must test the final exams. I study hard and read more books for the IMS(Into to Medical Science) .This subject is the most important for me because I must pass that both midterm exam and final exam ,if not I must try again to pass it ,so I will study at year 1 again, too. I think when summer comes I will go to Chon-bu-ree to visit my parents. And then I will come back to my home at Nan to do some activities. For example, I will teach my sister to use the computer program. Now, I'm reading the books for final exam, so I will get good get. I promise.

1-14 March, I test my final examinations. I think I can get good grade from English subject. Then go to Hauy-som temple to practice the dharma. I get many things from this activities so I can use the knowledge in my daily life. The teachers in this camp tell me that all of religions can practice because Buddhism can be solved by themselves. Buddhism has main idea that is the reason. Finally, I hope you try to practice dharma that is called “Vipassana” because I have done it and I think it’s the best way to develop the souls.