Mr. Chalermchai Munjaek "Kan"

Chalermchai  Munjaek, Spitzname Kan, geboren am 29.Juni 1993 in Thailand. Er studiert Physiotherapie in Medizinwissenschaften an der Chiang Mai Universität. Seine Mutter ist verwitwet und schon sehr alt.




My hobbies are running in the evening, read books or novels in my free time, playing table tennis. My family has 4 people, father, mother, brother and me. I was born at Bangkok. My family lived in Bangkok for more 10 years until I was 8 years old, my father died. My family came back to Uttaradit because that is my father and mother's homeland. After my father died, my mother must work hard alone for my brother and me. Our finance state became to down! It is caused to up debt. My mother traded abort recycle trash, but our profit is little. Our income isn't enough now. My mother must patronize my brother and me very hard so I will attend to study and do everything to get better for my family. I hope to be good physiotherapist in the future. I think that I can do it!

My name is Chalermchai Munjaek. My nickname is Kan. I am studying Physical Therapy in Associated Medical Science at Chiang Mai University. I have a much oblige for education fund. I promise that I will expend for my beneficial education and utmost attend to study. In addition, I allow you bring my profile to disperse for inspiration to everyone. Nowadays, final examination of semester 1 is coming soon so I attend to read books very hard for A. I have a healthy and happy.

The final test of first semester was on 3 to 11 October ago. I think, I will do well and attend utterly. After, I took an exam rhythm activity, which it was the last examination, I came back home at Uttaradit on October 12, 2011 by tour bus. All time of my break semester, I helped mom to buy, sort out and sell recycle trash. I did housework and made a merit in every Buddhist Holiday. Moreover, I met old friends as our junior high school. I came back Chiang Mai University to was tutored Gross Anatomy, which this activity was born by teacher and seniors of faculty. I came back Chiang Mai University about 8 p.m. I was tutored by seniors. At that moment, I accepted that, I didn’t understand in contexts of Gross Anatomy, because it’s much technical vocabulary, which I didn’t know ago, and is complicated contexts so I review Gross Anatomy in several times. In the last tutorial day, I must test; as a result I made no good marks. I helped friends to do decoration accessories for Sport Day Stand. In addition, that day appeared my grades, I was very excited. Result of my grades is 3.33, but I felt no well because I expected my grades more now. I promise that, I will attend extremely.

I took a Anatomy exam on Saturday,3 which was divided two parts such as lab and lecture. Anatomy lab had rule of exam that time up will has beep, so if beep is noisily, I will walk to do later exam. Anatomy lab exam is called "Lab-Grink" because beep of exam is Grink sound which is similar to scream! I often scare that sound. Lecture exam had fifty questions and each question has five choices. I was excited and little nervous about exam in that day, but it passed well. I joined activity on Father's day. I blessed for Thai King. My grade of first part in Anatomy isn't good. I think that second part will be better. Middle exam has begun on December 23. I will try to take exam extremely. After the last subject middle exam ended, I must read Anatomy part 2, because it's going to exam on January 6.I hope that I can do it.

I'm studying in second semester last month ago. First, I began to study Anatomy, I was very excited. Anatomy's complicated, it cause I must try moreover. This semester, I must choose free electives, I chose to study Greek Philosophy because I like myth of Greek God ,moreover I chose Chemistry and Economics. On 26 September, it's Sport day of CMU. Everyone was fun in that day. Although climate in that day was very hot. I participated acitivities (E.g. Cheer Stand,Cut Out,Art). Now,I attend to read Anatomy for exam in weekend. I participated to do EM ball and pack essential materials for flooding victim in central region. I'm happy to help them.

This month was happy for me because it had activities to me do. Time was happily, it always will pass quickly. I am one in people to understand in meaning its. I can't come back to the past, so I will collect good feeling in my heart forever. This month, I joined dormitory activities, I did big cleaning in dormitory, I made a merit on New Year's Day, moreover I did activities in dormitory, I did activities of university. I solicited to contribute money from graduates. Last week ago, I joined to congratulate on graduates which graduated since last year. Celebration was born by seniors that I was invited to it. I met seniors who are friendly and not arrogant with me even their age is more than me. I think that they are same to new relatives at Chiang Mai University. I'm glad to meet them. For my education, it is coming final exam in end of this month, but I'm delight because of when exam pass, I will come back home and have a nice vocation. I hope that my grades will be good in this semester.

This month is the last of second semester, so the next month will be exam of me. This month, I had to do much homeworks, so I won't exercise as it always was. Especially in first week of month, it was very busy; besides, my homeworks, final exams of subject as it wasn't in the next month. Although, it was busy in this month, I had to push forward in good matters. In the next semester which be sophomore for me will find dormitory, so I applied for two dormitory. Showing the result was me to be both. I think I should be at dormitory of faculty because it's short distance to my faculty building where I must go to study in the next semester. Moreover, I received sign of my faculty which are brooch and buckle. Now, I'm reading books badly for final exams. I hope that my exams is going soon, I will do my best. When exams passed, I expect that it would be good.

After I passed final exam well at first week of month, I came back home by coach bus, it ran from Chiang Mai to Uttaradit, I sat it in long time about four hours. When I came back home, mom hug me as before, I also delight. Nowaday, I end of semester, I often do houseworks and read fiction books. Sometimes I feel bored in my vocation, I'm frequently looking forward to studying in next semester. Finally, My grade announced prematurely as train of thought of me and friends, that day, it was a excited day of my freshman life. I usually log in facebook and I look startled and excited when friends say grades announced. I hurriedly log in CMU register for knowing my grades. Aha! When I saw grades, I feel relieved more than delighted ,even if my grades is higher than the last semester. Because of having not good marks in Anatomy and Economics( free elective) since the last mid exam,I'll be anxious both. I hope in the next semester that my grades're going up with my attempt.