Mr. Marutpong Chailangka

Marutpong Chailangka geboren am 11.11.1992 studiert IT an der Chiang Mai Universität. Seit seine Eltern gestorben sind lebt er bei seiner Großmutter.


Now I'm 18 years old.  My hight  school  is Chiangmuan Witthayakhom School.  Now I'm studying Computer Engineering  in Faculty of Engineering. I am an orphan. My father was died when I was 2 years old and mother was died when I was 9 years old.  At that time I lived with my gandmother(Mother's mother)  in  Pong District, Phayao Province, Thailand.  And then I  Moved to Chiangmuan District, Phayao Province, Thailand.  I have lived with my grandmother(Mother's father)  and my aunt. I graduated primary School from Anuban Chiangmuan School. When I have studied I have used the scholarship of the government thai rak thai  party just few years.
It is also good with a scholarship of Social Security until age 18 years for high school students. At my high school. I have a school representative about the computer, such as Microsoft Office, creating a website using Web Editor, to create a Text Editor.  I recently had a competition to create a Text Editor regional and national tournaments at four in Thailand. I'm glad to get a scholarship from the various To higher education.

My name is Marutpong Chailangka. Now I’m 18 years old. I'm studying Computer Engineering in Faculty of Engineering,Chiang Mai University. From the date of the interview. I thought, I didn’t have the opportunity to receive this scholarship. Someday Chaing Mai University contacted me to rececieve this scholarship.I was very delightful.My intention helps my parents.I don't want to do my parents worry about my expenditure.I will take this scholarship to buy things for education. I'm going to use this scholarship in positive way. Finally,I am thankful for the Quarum which give a good opportunity to me. I'm going to study hard.I do my duty to the best. 
Sincerely yours, Marutpong Chailangka

On holidays my friends and my materoom go to hom. I did not go travel anywhere at all. I have to go into morality camp at Padaraphirom temple. Activities related to Buddhism. After that I just go home. My aunt is shopkeeper. I had to help her sell Do. And I was living at home that a week. I just come back to the university for learn a second term.

In the last week of this month. The Uiversity has a midterm exam. I hope that my grades to be higher. So I have to prepare to read many books for this exam. This month has a few activities of the faculty. We have time to read more. Thailand, on 5 December of every year is celebrated on the birthday of the king. And is also the National Day of Thailand as well. 1 January as International New Year's Day. On this occasion I will give you a happy and healthy. Fulfillment in what they want. Finally I congratulate with the new member. 
Inrecent weeks there. It was the beginning of learning. I have to keep ready for learning. This semester is the first semester that I have to learn subject of Computer Engineering. While I’m learning. There are many activities of the faculty and the University. And I would like to join those. In last week I, Kidsadakon and Naruebet. We helpedthe university'sactivities.On26November 2011withasports day, which is an annual event. I have attended. by marching in the parade. And participated in the part of the show, Climax of the Faculty of Engineering. I am proud to be involved in this activity.


During the past week the climate is very cold. When I take a bath water very cold because the dormitory on campus don’t have water heater. I expected a few weeks. It is probably better. In this month I also have the activities of university. The middle of this month has the Graduation Ceremony. I and my Friends help college to sale the book about this event. And assist in the graduation ceremony rehearsal at the auditorium of the university.


There are many tasks. It has a project of two subjects, which are subject of computer engineering. First subject A robot Gogo Board made the LOGO language used to benefit in everyday life. A second subject is writing programs using the C programming language. Now is the time of final exam. I'm all exam seven subjects. I must plan to read a book that was to do better.

There are many subjects in final exam during the last months to 12th of this month. The end of final is the subject of major, computer engineering. I think major subjects are the subject that I the most aptitude. After the final exam, holiday period my friends go back home to help family’s working. My friend enrolled in summer. But I can’t enrolled because scholarships Student of the faculty of engineering which grade to more than 2.5 cannot enrolled in summer. Another is to save money this summer because the registration fee is very expensive in the summer.