Ms. Piyamas Chaisarn

Piyamas Chaiyasarn, geboren am 27.Dezember 1992 in Thailand. Ihre Eltern starben als sie noch sehr jung war. Seitem lebt sie bei ihrer Tante. Sie studiert Medizin an der Chiang May Universität.


I finished high school from Samakkhiwitthwyakhom school with average 3.91. Now, I'm studying the faculty of associated medical science major medical technology at Chiangmai University. Now, I live with my aunt and my cousin.My father and my mother was died when I was young. So,my aunt and my cousin are take care me from that time.I have a one younger sister but she and I have different father. Her father didn't take care her anymore. He didn't contact to her. So, my aunt have to take care her and I. My cousin have a one daughter.My family have a small business for earn money to use in our life I intend to help my family by be the good person,pay attention and save money. In the futher,I want to be a good in my careerwith both sociality and working for help my family. I hope that in the future can be good at the song rider because I'm love song and music very much. I always think the destiny can't effect with our life but our action specifies our life.

While I was studying chemistry today, I have the phone up. She told me that "You received a scholarship opportunity from Quorum Foundation". At that time, I feel very happy and surprise. After class, I call to my family and I tell them about good news in this afternoon. Everybody is very happy in this news. I'm proud to share the burden of my family. In the pass, my aunt and my elder sister are rear me and two younger sisters. Now, they don't work as hard as ever. I and my family are appreciate for Quorum Foundation's assistance. Thank you in your spirit and your kindness. If i don't get your assistance, My family have to work as hard as ever. For this scholarship, it would be money for education. By the way, I will pay attention and apply knowledge to develop society. I intend to help another people like Quorum Foundation help me. Grateful Piyamas Chaiyasarn

In October, my university had exam season. I did exam all seven subjects. I not to read the book on time. Because I started it too late, but I had to make the best. I did test all seven subjects. All of this, I worried about Chemistry, Physical and Calculus because it was bad mid-term score. The Chemistry and Chemistry lab of my faculty compared grade with faculty of Pharmacy ,so a lot of student on MT (Medical Technology ) was bad score – one of them is me ^^. By the way, I'm not good at arithmetic. I dedicated for reading Calculus and Physical. Although I had bad some subject’s score, but I had good some subject’s score. I get A in Biology, English and Physical lab, so it pull up GPA (grade point average). I don’t well adjust to do it now, but the next semester I will make it better- I promise.

The winter is beginning, time of happiness begins. I love winter because it look like romantic and has several holiday and activity , such as Father's Day , Constitution Day, Meeting day of MT (major of my faculty), Christmas day , my birthday ,New Year's Eve and the most important activity is Mid-Term test. In Father's Day (5th December), I and my friend joined to bless on occasion. On the celebration has many people join in. They are kindle a lot of  firecrackerand launch Khom Loyat Chiang Mai University’s Salatam. In this month, I am Admitted to the hospital with fever 40 degree Celsius and heavy sore throat. The doctor told me that I should voice-less and alcohol-less. Three days after, I get better. The doctor allow me back home and told me that I’m bronchitis. I have a lot of drug to eat. After that I am fine. In Meeting day of MT, I have just left of the hospital. My friends are very funny ,but I feel no voice and sore throat for this activity. Everyone enjoy so much….sure!! I do so although I no voice. In the exam festival, I intend to read books because I promise with myself to make my grade better. My last grade is 2.92, I think semestry’s grade better than last semestry.



This is the first month of university, I promise with myself that I need to get higher grade for this semester. This month have sport day and sport night (Each of faculty show their cheer and spirit). Everyone must practices stand-cheering every evening until twenty-one o’clock. That makes me so tired and back to my dorm late than usual. As a result, I sleep late. Practicing stand-cheer is a good experience. It trains us to practice patience, diligence, and in unison. More importantly, it also make us to make new friends as well. sport day and sport night is on 26 November. On the morning, I sit on stand-cheering and sing music of the university. In the evening, we have stand-cheering contest. And my faculty rank 5th. I thing the sport day and sport night that is day of spirit. Everyone intend to do it, to show it and proud it.

In early month, I go back to my house, Chiang Rai. I train my younger sister, who studying primary school 6, for final exam at her school. I help my aunt working and cooking. Then, I come back to Chiang Mai for study after midterm. In middle month, Chiang Mai University has the commencement peroid. Around campus has a lot of beautiful flowers and congratulatory posters. In commencement period, many graduates take a photo around campus with beautiful view for important memory. I’m one of them, who is takes photo with senior. End of the month, my faculty has “bye nior party” for farewell our senior. I spend many money for senior’s present and for bye nior dress. It’s make me so serious about looking for way of saving money, but I think I can do it.

Final test season coming again!! In this test, I read the book on time, because I prepare for reading the book several weeks. However, I still worry about Organic Chemistry. I think I do the others subject better than last semester. In last February, I had surprise day in Valentine’s day. Someone confess to me. At that time, I feel very surprise and shy. I don’t know what should I do. I never face to happening like that. I’m happy so much in Valentine’s day this year. And how about you? May the last Valentine’s day to come be filled with happiness and wonderful moments for you to treasure. Happy Valentine’s day!!!

Yippee!! Semester is coming soon. After final test, I prepare to move out of my old dormitory and find new the dorm, that near my faculty. Then, I and my friend move things into new dormitory. It’s so tired and so hot, but it finish because my friends’ assistance. I come back to my home with the worst news, that is my grandfather pass away. I’m frightened and very sad. I cry, I cry and I cry. Many times, I’ve ever lost parent. I lost my father since I had born. After that, my aunt and my uncle look after me instead of my mom, because my mom must have earned money. My mom past away since I had been eleven years old. And I lost my uncle since I had been seventeen years old. Sometime, I think I  am a jinx T^T. My aunt always teach me that I should fight with my destiny and Someday I will grow to be good man strong man such as my mom and my dad. Fighto!!