Ms. Pimonpun Prasongsri "Nueng"

Pimonpun Prasongsri, 19 Jahre alt, geboren in Thailand. Sie studiert Physik an der Chiang Mai Universität. Seit ihre Eltern starben lebt sie bei einer Pflegefamilie.


Dear Quorum Foundation, My name is Pimonpun Prasongsri. You can call me Nueng. I'm studying science of physics and materials science in Chaing Mai University. I appreciate that the Foundation has provided support and a opportunity for me. I never thought that I would have chance this But when I have this opportunity, I promise that I will pay attention in studying and I will be a good person of the society. In childhood, I dreamed that I always wanted to have high education to get a good job .And at first I thought that my dream would end but there are 2 philanthropists take care and sent me to school. Later,when Ientered to university I didn't have enough money to study here and I planned to borrow some money from the goverment but fortunately ,my advisor told me that I will get the scholarship from your foundation. Now the dream comes true,I have a chance to study in the university like another students that have their own parents. I would like to say thank you once again for changing my life to be better. finally, I want to say thank you everyone in the Quorum  foundation . thank you so much. Sincerely Pimonpun Prasongsri

In the first term in Chaing mai University. I have a new  a ctivity. I never do it before. I participated soft ball culb. I trained and learned about soft ball game. When we played game I don't think we will win but we win. I'm very skeptical and very happy. As to learning I have a problem with calculas it very hard for me but I'm done it best. My pictures is a soft ball game I'm very happy with new friend, new teacher and new place Finally I hope to see you Thailand. See you

I’m very thank you about scholarships. Now I’m living with my foster family. I’m help them to do housework. I was known about my grade. I had 2.85 the grade is not bad . I think I can do it better if I  take extra tutorial class some subject. Last month I pay 3,500 BAT for food, drinks, appliance, a gas for my motorcycle and notebook. Today is a first day of term 2 I’m going to study 2 subject. I hope this day will through well.

Hi, I’m Nueng  now I'm in holiday.Tomorrow is a new year .I wish you to have a better year and happy life in 2012.I'm very tried for last year,I hope new year will better than last year but I  somtime thing its so good becouses I have a lot of good memorize and funny for every activity.Last I want to say  happy New Year 2012 :)


Last week I went to Royal Flora 2011. I saw many flowers from many country .It is a lot of flowers and one important thing is the Ferris wheel .It is the hightest Ferris wheel just I saw. I hope to see very much .Bye


Today is the last test final day I am very worried about the test. It is so hard for me. I don’t know why? But I think it will be harder than last term. Next month I have to enjoy with Songkran Festival. I hope to see you.


I has known grade in this term I had 2.54. It is lower than last term. But I will do it better. Now I am staying in my foster house. I call they “mom” and “dad” .She have many  disease for example  diabetes ,cervical ,kidney, Parkinson and  the point of the crowd .Now  the symptoms is recurrent more and more .So I must take care her more special. Last week I went to the Lokmoree Temple. It is so beautiful. I have a picture to share with you.