Education support in Thailand

The Quorum Foundation provides scholarships to support pupils and students in need of help. They are children and youth who cannot afford an education from their own financial resources. They are children from poor families or orphans.

We are in close contact with selected universities and orphanages on site. This way we learn of children and youth in need of support and include them in our program. Through this close cooperation we can guarantee that scholarships are exclusively awarded to cases eligible for support.

Chiang Mai University Programm

Chiang Mai is the second largest city next to Bangkok, a centre for education and health in Thailand. There are three good public universities, the Chiang Mai University, the Maejo University and the Rajmongkol University. There are state programs that offer interest-free loans which students have to pay back when they start working. However there is additional need for the support of very poor students.

The Chiang Mai University has the largest commuter belt (all of Thailand) and was therefore selected for the program of the Quorum Foundation. The university offers a program for the support of poor and very poor students for which there is a long waiting list.

For a full scholarship, covering board, lodging and tuition fees, etc. the annual costs per student are approx. 60.000 BAT (approx. 1.400 EUR).

The Quorum Foundation covers the costs for several of these students who are introduced in the following. If you wish we will be glad to establish a personal contact to them.

You can support the program with donations or sponsor students directly.

Education support in Cambodia

Khem Vicheth Scholarship

At the start of the new semester the Quorum Foundation sponsors the student Khem Vicheth and covers his tuition fees at the Build Bright University, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

"Khem Vicheth lived in the orphanage ASPECA and he never would have had the opportunity to go to college. On my travels to this country I worked in the orphanage and became aware of his situation. He was a diligent student with good grades. His English was good which is not common in Cambodia and I therefore hired him as my translator. I saw his will to study and to do something with his life. By covering his university fees he now can reach a high level of education and later on have a better life." Saskia

Khem Vicheth, born January 31 in 1989, now studies IT in his second year at Built Bright University ( BBU ) after having successfully completed the foundation year course.

If you wish to contact him on questions about the program, his university course and about the country or because you plan on travelling to Cambodia and want to visit him, he is looking forward to it. Please contact us via info(at) We will pass on your mail and establish a personal contact.

Trip to the waterfalls near Battambang.

In the forground you see Khem Vicheth, behind him his Engllish teacher, Saskia, and other children from the orphanage.

If you are planning to travel to Cambodia, you are welcome to visit the orphanage and also Khem Vicheth.

Battambang, Cambodia